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Flanging machines type FM/hy 


From more than 80 years we are building metal forming machines having as a main goal the best customer satisfaction.


Today, more than ever, research, development and design are aiming at the production of long term reliable flanging machines with the highest performances also under heavy loads.


The PARMIGIANI FM hy hydraulic flanging machines design combines a solid frame with the most updated technological innovation so as to respond to the highest productivity standards and the most stringed tolerances in working precision.











Advantages of PARMIGIANI flanging machines type FM/hy:

Short production time = High productivity.

Best possible protection of the heads material structure.

Excellent geometrical accuracy to design of heads.

Negligible sheet metal thickness reduction.

Excellent surface quality, without grooves and channels.

Wide range of individual manoeuvrability.

Automatic flanging cycle.

Centralized control panel for all machine functions.



Centralized operator control panel.

The wide range of individual manoeuvrability allows very short production times.





refined hydraulic and mechanic

design of PARMIGIANI flanging machines allow a negligeable sheet metal thickness reduction and an  excellent surface quality, without grooves and channels.



All Parmigiani Flanging machines are designed for a simple use and flexibility in forming

heads in accordance with international standard tollerance.

The easy tools change assure an economic production of Heads even is shops with a

highly variegated manufacturing program.


Quote digital read out on the control panel, metal telescopic protection on the

machine bed and specially developed Parmigiani Automatic Flanging Cycle are

included on the standard equipment of all models.



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