VBH Series 4-roll plate bending rolls

VBH Options

Great Options and Accessories

Even though your Parmigiani VBH in standard configuration is delivered with a package of features that usually are not available - even as options- in the other machines (like FACILE, i-diagnostic, Calibration working mode, Servodinamic Active Control with infinitely variable positioning speeds of the bending rolls and active pressure control of the lower roll...)  our R & D department has designed a wide range of accessories for special bending applications, like the Hydraulic cambering device for central lower roll with variable intensity for working with thin and long plates, gantry loaders, unloading devices etc. in order to increase productivity and quality of the finished for special materials.



Servodinamic Active Controls

Pressure and speed control

of the  and top and lateral support devices

Side and Top supports with variable positioning speed

The upper and the side plate supports device are supplied linked with our SERVODYNAMIC ACTIVE CONTROL SYSTEM. SERVODYNAMIC because they have variable positioning speed, with high speed for fast positioning and low speed for creep adjustment and soft contact with the plates. ACTIVE, because you can control on a digital read-out placed on the control panel their working pressures.

Great options and accessories. Improved performances.

Upper supports

Rolls conveyor tables

Side supports

Rolls cambering device










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