The Parmigiani Values
Quality Loyalty Commitment Innovation

Parmigiani reputation for integrity has been forged by almost a century of commitment.

At Parmigiani, we are committed to the success of your company.

Parmigiani’s goal is to make our customers successful by focusing on your custom bending needs and providing you with the highest quality, most durable machines and services available.

We take on responsibility Relationships that endure

We work to built strong customer relationships.


We work to provide you products that will boost your success.


We understand the challenges you face: this is why we offer you the best service and quality product on the market.


We always invest in research and development in order to  provide the most advanced technology to increase your productivity and profit.


Fabrication shops around the world benefit from our innovations, such as the full diagnostic system and the new generation of CNC controls.


We do not consider relationships with our customers and suppliers to be short-term or one-off situations.


We look for partnerships based on lasting trust and a high level of expertise.


Loyalty, trust and confidence in all areas are the hallmarks of a good, effective partnership.


As an independent, privately owned company, we are a reliable partner.


As such, you need not worry about sudden changes to our corporate strategy or philosophy.


This we guarantee.





Quality. Loyalty. Commitment. Innovation.

The Parmigiani values.







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One name.  One Family.  One Company.  Since 1927.