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A passion for the creation of the world’s finest bending machines

Parmigiani Macchine is a world leader company in the  design, manufacture and sale of high-quality plate bending machines; 2, 3 and 4-roll plate rolls; angle rolls and section bending machines; leveling and plate straightening  machines; portal frame hydraulic dishing presses and tank heads flanging machines for the production of dished heads.  Parmigiani Macchine is also a leader in manufacturing plate rolling machines for aircraft industry and wind tower bending machines.

Our products

plate rolling machine for pressure vessels and storage tanks section bending machine for pipes rolling disghing press with automatic manipulator flanging machine for dished heads

The Italian forming Company. Since 1927.

For close to a century,  Parmigiani  has been the true fabricator's choice, designing and manufacturing high performance dishing and flanging equipment, plate rolls and section bending machines in Cremona-Italy.

The value of a Parmigiani machine is derived from the company's strong heritage, skilled craftsmen and pursuit of excellence in every aspect of the build.

From the design process to production, the best quality materials and innovative technology are used to deliver the most productive and advanced bending machines in the world.


SINCE 1927

Advanced rolling technology

Parmigiani is a brand that invests massively in technology.

Its goal is always to supply the fabricators with state of the art and reliable forming machines to facilitate work and maximize productivity.

This is a mission which the company carries out with the utmost determination and pride.

On a PARMIGIANI machine, nothing is left to chance.





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One name.  One Family.  One Company.  Since 1927.