TBH Series 3-roll double-pinch plate bending rolls

TBH Overview

The TBH is a pyramid design plate roll with independent adjustment of the two lower rolls on inclined sliding guides. This allows to pre-bend and roll both plate edges with only one insertion (no need to remove and turn the plate). The three rolls drive assures the best plate feeding also when rolling thin plates and the large opening between the top and lower rolls increases machine flexibility.

The TBH bending machines are equipped with the exclusive Parmigiani Parallelism System (PPS) for rolls parallelism control (closed ring type).

The PPS assures the max precision in rolls positioning also after several years of intensive work.

Linear sliding guides with antifriction material (AVG System).

(No maintenance; High loading and carrying capacity; Smooth and stable positioning).

 All rolls, mounted on spherical roller bearings, are driven by separate hydraulic motor for each roll.

The TBH bending machines are equipped with the multibearing system  that guarantees the highest reliability even for intensive productions and cone bending.

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