VBH Series 4-roll plate bending rolls

VBH Overview

Almost a century of forming experience and cooperation with our customers are incorporated in our VBH 4-roll plate bending rolls.

The VBH is the best machine for both, cylindrical and conical bending.

The main features of our VBH rolls are the greater bottom roller pinching force (for short flat ends and optimum pre-bending)  and the higher drive torque (for single pass process) to boost productivity.

A winning combination for those looking for performance of the highest level.


Productivity -  Efficiency

The  VBH Series plate rolls:

flexible, versatile, powerful and efficient

More productivity and high efficiency come standard

Best process control

Infinitely variable speeds,

Infinitely variable pinching pressure

Calibration working mode

are only some of the features that you can control from the operator mobile panel, just moving a finger

Best manufacturing technology

The widest range of CNC Controls

Dedicated controls from PARMIGIANI for plate rolling cover an entire range of applications.

All softwares are in house developed by Parmigiani technicians with great experience in plate rolling.

From the simple, compact DIGIMATIC control to the STRADIVARI (unlimited number of axis) there's a PARMIGIANI control for nearly every application.


Flexibility -  Precision

From job shop applications to high-volume production, a Parmigiani VBH will exceed

your quality and precision expectations





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