Resarch and Development
Our research is our future. Develop the most advanced bending technology.

Research and development is one of the main driver of the activities performed by Parmigiani.

Innovation is essential to keep company leadership over emerging competition in all the existing markets and to pursue new business opportunities in existing and new markets.

The acquisition of the most promising innovative technologies has always been considered as a primary factor of competitiveness.

Parmigiani technological innovation improves the users competitiveness and for this reason R&D activities of Parmigiani is striving on continuous innovation on bending machines development design, components development (both mechanical and hydraulics), software development for existing and future CNC control technologies.

Its sustainable-innovation strategy involves engineering and developing.

The final scope of the research conducted by the R&D Division is to strengthen the standing of Parmigiani in the different fields of metal-forming.





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