PLANET Series Universal Section Bending Machines

PLANET Overview

The section bending machines Planet are the result of almost 100 years of improvement and innovations.

The rolls special design avoids section shape deformation and allows fast production and easy handling even in respect of the tightest bending tolerance.


Fully hydraulic drive with the greatest drive torque of any comparable machine. Starting from model Planet 25 the rolls driving is operated by 3 low speed hydraulic motors and 3 planetary reduction gears.


The PLANET have the largest, most powerful guide rolls available on the market. The six way adjustable design assures the best guiding of the section in and out coming the bending rolls.  Mainly used for avoiding shape deformations of asymmetric sections, calibrating the bending radius and enlarging a too small diameter. The six-way design can be effective in many other rolling operations.

Power -  Performance

The  PLANET Series:

Perfect combination of power and performance

Technology is key to efficiency

HTT rolls traction control:

More torque - less bending passes

The widest selection of the market






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