At Parmigiani "Sustainability" is not a slogan.

We work every day to find innovative solutions that increase efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of our machines.

Our R & D team is constantly looking for ways to develop products with improved sustainability profile that continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.

This also reduces the cost of ownership of our machines.

IVP System Intelligent Variable Pressure
Less power dissipated in the bending process Less power consumption for oil cooling.

IVP is an active system that control the operating pressures of the machine which has allowed us to significantly reduce the power dissipated, when it is not necessary to the process.


This also results in a lower heating of the hydraulic oil,

allowing a significant energy savings in the management of heat exchangers for cooling the oil.

PPP System Pressure Peaks Prevention

The PPP system allows you to delete all the peaks of pressure in the hydraulic system, which are the cause of most failures.


This system, in addition to promoting energy conservation, greatly increases the duration of the entire mechanical and hydraulic components (valves, pipes, fittings, gaskets, seals ...) reducing downtime for maintenance and the need for replacement and disposal of worn components.

Stop / Start Energy Saving Control
Intelligent use of the machine.

If the machine is not operated for a certain period of time (pre-set by the operator), the system stops the hydraulic pumps.


The machine will restart instantly by pressing any command.

These are only few of the recent innovations introduced by Parmigiani. Contact us for more information on our systems for energy savings and increased efficiency.





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