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Parmigiani has close to a century of experience in designing and manufacturing exceptional bending machines.

Parmigiani skilled craftsmen at the company's factory in Cremona - Italy come from generations of machines builders.

From the most traditional frame details to the leading edge hydraulics and software technology, the Parmigiani machine combines the best elements available today to build the world's best plate and section bending machines.

We demonstrate performance

Built around our customers

Productivity, safety and environmental responsibility are the cornerstone of our offering built around our customers.

Parmigiani is a global equipment manufacturer with a full line of products and services built around the customer.

We deliver products and services that meet our customers’ needs for productivity, performance, efficiency and value.

We know our customers’ business and we provide innovative products and services designed to help them succeed.

Our solutions are built around you.






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One name.  One Family.  One Company.  Since 1927.