Wind tower production lines


Wind tower production systems

Accurate and efficient.

With more than 90 years of experience in the production of bending machines, PARMIGIANI offers a wide range of solutions for the Wind Towers manufacturing industry.

The heavy-duty design, the high drive torque and the accuracy of the digital control system  of our machines are the guarantee of high precision and repeatability even in conditions of intensive and continuous productions.

With our systems is possible to pre-bend and roll a wind tower section in just one pass.

 A wide range of optional handling equipment (high speed, tiltable in-feed conveyor, top and side support devices, alignment systems etc..) allow a fast and precise production  with just one operator.

The  Parmigiani wind tower system

flexible, versatile, powerful and efficient

More productivity and high efficiency come standard

Machines for all size of wind towers production:

from small to the largest sizes,  with capacity up to 110 mm thickness for the tower and up to 150 mm for the foundations of the offshore towers.





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